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Wednesday, March 16, 2016

D.I.Y Astronomy Flashlight

     25 years ago, the ubiquitous red astronomy flashlight was a rarity, but today there are a variety of "astronomer's flashlights".  Unfortunately, like so many hobbies, the price of these flashlights ranges from pricey to way over-priced.  Much like owning a nice mobile home, the manufacturers tend to assume the customers are well endowed with money and hike the prices!  So, what did we do in the land before red l.e.d lights came along?  We made our own!  Making your own "red" astronomy flashlight is simple and relatively inexpensive.  Take any flashlight which is the desired brightness or slightly brighter, and coat the lens with red nail polish!  I start by applying the first coat, let it dry, apply a second coat and test.  If the light is too bright or not red enough, simply apply another coat of nail polish until the light is the desired brightness or redness.  When was the last time you saw a man in the nail polish section appearing to labour over the right choice of red? lol  Honestly, picking the right shade of red is important, and I currently am using a combination of 2 red polishes to get the desired redness and brightness.  I would suggest a color of red, but there are simply too many of them to list, so you'll have to use your best guess.  Once you have the right color you'll be able to turn any flashlight into an "astronomer's flashlight" very simply.  As a side benefit, if your wife dare asks, you'll be able to paint her toes without making a mess;)

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